Several reasons might nudge you towards filing a complaint about alcohol licensing. Some of the responses recorded below highlight various reasons that led residents to take a stand against issues they faced.

Someone selling alcohol to underage individuals or minors?

Katy from Chester realised a local pub in her neighbourhood was serving alcohol to underage students. When she heard that the pub would be starting at a second location soon, she was concerned that the establishment would continue selling to minors. So she decided to get involved and stop this by gathering information and filing a complaint with her local council.

Noticed an increase in violence due to alcohol in your neighbourhood?

The number of fights between young people were increasing where Natasha lived in Liverpool, especially on weekends. Talking to her neighbour Jill, the pair decided to contact their local alcohol licensing authority (local council). To ensure the urgency of the matter was understood by the authorities, they discussed it with other households in their neighbourhood to collectively appeal to the licensing authorities.

Disturbance in your area due to alcohol establishments?

Bob had been living in Ellesmere Port for a few years and had moved into a new apartment near the high street a few months ago. However, due to the noise from the pub next to his flat, his sleep was disturbed often. He continued to struggle with the disturbance, which eventually led to an impact on his health. Despite feeling a bit awkward, finally, he decided to approach the pub owner. The discussion between the pub owner and Bob led to them resolving the issue amongst themselves. The owner introduced noise-cancelling structures to ensure containment of the noise.

Increased rubbish in your neighbourhood around surrounding pubs?

Having issues with the mess on the street after Jacob had been noticing litter around his neighbourhood for quite some time, and he realised that a lot of the litter was significantly worse after weekends. He wasn’t quite sure if reporting it to the local council would help with the situation. Still, after having a chat with them, he realised that they could assist him in helping limit the litter in his neighbourhood by considering alcohol licensing in the immediate surrounding area.

Off-licence selling alcohol to underage individuals or minors?

While purchasing from an off-licence store, Betty noticed some customers at the shop looking far too young to be purchasing alcohol. She observed that they did not follow the Challenge 25 policy as their IDs were not checked despite looking below 25. She immediately proceeded to discuss with the store manager and politely reminded them of alcohol licensing policies. The manager apologised and guaranteed that he would make necessary changes to comply with the law. When she revisited the store a few days later, she saw posters that emphasised their stand against underage alcohol sales.

*The examples above are fictional stories prepared to help through representation of various concerns and issues.