Step by Step Guide

If you have taken steps to resolve the issue, like speaking with the licence holder, contacting the police or your local council but feel that your concerns have not been resolved, you can follow the following Step By Step guide to making an official complaint regarding the alcohol licensing of an owner or establishment in your local area .

Step 1: Identify whether you will be commenting on an existing licence or a new applicant for alcohol licensing. All licence applicants advertise their application by placing a notice outside their premises. In such circumstances, you may comment on the application within 28 days to the applicant. However, if your concerns are not resolved and you’d like to complain about an existing licensee, follow Step 2.

Step 2: Consider the licensing objectives and other relevant information regarding alcohol licensing to identify your objective of concern clearly. You can read more about this here.

Step 3: Understand how the licensing authority (local council) can help and review potential outcomes for your case. As such, the licensing authority may refuse an application, grant a licence, grant a licence with conditions or exclude certain activities on the licence. You can understand more about possible outcomes in the toolkit.

Step 4: An official complaint, formally known as making a representation, should be submitted via email or post to the licensing authority (local council). You can find specific information regarding writing a representation here. You can also reach out to your local licensing authority (local council) for advice regarding this matter.

Step 5: Your application and representation should describe how your life and community have been affected by the alcohol licence holder.

Step 6: Provide evidence and supporting documents regarding the issue and all the measures you’ve taken before submitting an official complaint (representation). You may especially consider the four objectives that all alcohol licensees must follow

Step 7: Once the alcohol licensing authority (local council) has received your application, if there is enough relevant evidence, a decision will be made on whether a subcommittee hearing will be held or not.

Step 8: Licensing sub-committee review is held to investigate further and reach a suitable outcome. If you’d like further tips on attending a hearing, please visit this link.

Want to learn more about the process? If you’d like further information regarding your complaint, you may wish to read the toolkit that describes each step in greater detail.