Who to Speak to

There are a number of ways you can have a say about the impact of alcohol in your local community.

Speak to the Premises Licence Holder

In the first instance and if you feel comfortable doing so you may talk to the premises licence holder yourself to discuss the issues you are experiencing. The premises licence holder may not be aware that they are causing any problems and discussing the issue may resolve the problem.

Get in touch with the licensing authority and / or responsible authorities

If you do not wish to speak to the premises licence holder, seek advice from the licensing authority if you are concerned about the way a premises is being run. You can also report concerns such as noise and criminal activity to the relevant responsible authority (see Section 1). The responsible authority will then decide whether or not to take action against the premises.

Get in touch with your local councillors

If you have concerns, for example about alcohol-fuelled noisy house parties, litter, the number of off-licences or noise created by pubs and clubs you can speak to your local councillor. They can report problems to the relevant departments within the council. A councillor would also be interested to hear about a well-run business that is valued in the community. To find your councillors contact details follow this link or search on the council’s website.